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Leo Visconti participates in the exhibition DeLightFul curated by Ciarmoli Queda Studio on the occasion of the 56th edition of Salone del Mobile.

A visual and sensory journey in everyday life and in contemporary space that explores a new way of inhabiting the domestic space, fluid and cross-cutting, overturning the usual schemes and traditional subdivisions.

Light and color are the protagonists of the entire project. Light with its ability to define spaces, create atmospheres and influence the perception of space and color with its playful, passionate and irreverent expression of contemporary living and a new freedom of expression.

Curators decided to introduce one of the icons of Leo Visconti collections: mosaic in venetian crystal and red Murano’s glass for wall covering of Shanghai room. This material interacts with natural and artificial light sources, reflects and refracts the light that enhances its chromatic harmony and alive with texture that make it lively and engaging.

An integral part of the project is Matteo Garrone’s short film d’auteur that takes a look at the world of design and on contemporary life in an environment that is both natural and dreamlike, magical and surreal.A01_Delightful_exhibition_1024x516 A02_Delightful_exhibition_1024x516 A03_Delightful_exhibition_1024x516