Leo Visconti creates Venetian crystal gems for precious coverings. A symbol of timeless elegance and unrivalled luxury. Our creations are conceived to showcase the outstanding beauty of the Venetian crystal and to grant unmistakable style to exceptional spaces. Each gem is handmade by the master glassmaker in pure Venetian crystal, following the ancient Venetian tradition combined with a patented innovative technique.

The “Venetian crystal” has a singular brilliance, purity and transparency that make it similar to rock crystal. Skillfully handcrafted and transformed into forms with unique design, it permit to obtain particularly bright, free of toxic elements and ecologically sustainable products. The craftsmanship gives uniqueness and distinctiveness to every single piece. Precious materials, priceless know-how and finest artisan skill are essential in creating these timeless masterpieces – a perfect synthesis of the classical and the modern. A leader in the creation of tailor-made solutions, Leo Visconti provide a bespoke service offering unique design solutions and all the sophisticated elegance of Italian style. Passion for what we do, inimitable creative intuition and meticulous attention to detail guide us in the creation of exceptional products, craftsmanship Made in Italy at the very highest of levels.